Swythamley Chapel


SK11 0SN

United Kingdom


Prize Competition

Read World's Best Spaces for the story behind this competition. We are now in the final two months of this event and I still intend to close entries on April 1st.

Keep up to date by following the News posts, where the latest events and exciting offers appear.

LATEST NEWS: BMW X5 Mini-Competition

January 30th: Take the car or take the cash. What will you choose?

Pay £62.50 to enter the BMW X5 car competition (see Payments page) as one of just 1,000 tickets, and you can choose to take £18,000 in place of the car upon winning, if desired. Originally, you could only enter if wanting the vehicle.

This cash alternative now applies no matter where you live. Previously, the offer was extended only to those outside the U.K. Now, it's open to everyone. 

So, with truly incredible odds (just 1: 160 currently but I hope this will end up as 1: 1000!) and a beautiful SUV or a generous cash offer on the table, what have you to lose?

Which other car competition will deliver such great odds, a public draw and a cash alternative?

BMW - Cash Alternative Draw : 

Ticket sales stop on 15th April latest.
Competition draw is on April 22nd, latest, at a public event.

There will be no extension of this BMW X5 draw date. In the interests of transparency and customer satisfaction, it goes ahead no matter what! The odds here could be very much in entrants' favour. Eeek! 

I'd better get my skates on and sell more tickets!

Meanwhile, a big thank you for all your support. I feel tremendously lucky to have a massive group of supportive entrants.


Property Details

Comfortable country house in stunning conservation area. 3 double bedrooms with basement studio / granny flat with private entrance and garden. 

3 bathrooms, 2 studies, 2 sitting rooms, belltower, basement, double garage/workshop and much more. Spacious garden, mainly lawned with rhododendrons.

Proven potential to bring £30,000 (weekends) - £100,000 (full time) a year in Airbnb income. The Airbnb listing is still in existence and maybe can be passed to the winner, for immediate continuation of Airbnb business if desired. Bookings come in immediately the house is made available on Airbnb so short-let income is a reality, not a dream!

Idyllic Peak District National Park surroundings, yet just 40 minutes from Manchester Airport.

Swythamley Chapel (Property) Draw : 

Ticket sales stop on 1st April unless entrants vote to extend-- a survey will be available in due course, if there's insufficient funding to pay off the mortgage at April 1st.

 I'll continue to do my utmost to close it in April, as I feel extensions cause entrant dissatisfaction, but it has to be YOUR choice, as a group.

There will be invitations to a publicly-attended draw either way, whenever it goes ahead. We are well on our way! You can read more news about the target and how close we are, in the News section of this site.