Win: Swythamley Chapel


SK11 0SN

United Kingdom


Prize Competition

WIN this country house, a comfortable family home with proven potential to bring £30,000

a year in Airbnb income, from weekend lets alone.

It’s in idyllic British countryside… the Peak District National Park. Unspoiled, blissful. Yet it’s just 40 minutes; drive from Manchester Airport (MAN).

And it could be yours, for as little as £6.

Tickets are available (October 2017). The most popular buy is 10 tickets, with extra tickets free.



Overseas entrants are welcome. I would happily find someone to care for the house on your behalf when you cannot live in it.

A local, semi-retired or retired housekeeper would work at very reasonable rates so you’d earn a high income from Airbnb, but also keep the house available at certain times for your holidays.

Whose House is This?

It belongs to author Annie Jai whose popular novel “She Had No Name”

made its debut last year.


Above Average Odds

200,000 tickets at £6 each will be sold. Odds 1:203,000.

Most entrants buy 10+ tickets. At 10 tickets, odds are 1: 20,000.

The competition closes as soon as 200,000 paid tickets are sold.


What’s Special About This Competition?

1. Transparency & Fairness

Ticket sales and funds are audited and entrants are welcome to see bank statements,
entry forms, processes. 
I meet at business venues in public places.


2. Refunds Always Available, Fast

Entrants may request a “no questions” refund at any time.
These are given as soon as the email request is seen.

It’s supposed to be fun for you, not a prison sentence or an online tussle!


3. Entrant Care

If I see you’ve overpaid, not sent an entry form etc, I
 get in touch to help you.

I don’t want anyone not getting a fair shot. I just wish I had 
200,000 cloned Chapels, to give everyone the prize.

Use the email address below, not the Facebook page.


Payment & Entry Form


NEWS **October 16th, 2017**

**Audi TT 2003 Giveaway**

I am now offering my 2003 — but lovely — Audi TT as a giveaway, to a separate winner to the main house. It’s a fun competition to enjoy meanwhile! See News section.

ONLY enter if you are a ticketholder for the house competition.