Swythamley Chapel


SK11 0SN

United Kingdom


Prize Competition CLOSED &

Tickets Sold : 68,000 or thereabouts!


The draw took place on Sunday, April 15th, 2018 and the winner is:

From Bedfordshire, U.K…. 

Mrs Sterling.

Mrs Sterling reserves the right to not have her phone call broadcast publicly, but the 8 entrants who attended the draw enjoyed hearing how happy she was, on the phone!

Mrs Sterling won the cash prize (total cash sum) that was the alternative to the Chapel, as insufficient funds were accumulated to pay off the Chapel mortgage. Nobody is more disappointed than I am — I really wanted to give this place away, but English property laws don’t allow us to keep on a mortgage while relinquishing the house itself. The sole factor in not reaching the target was the bank’s failure to process £301,000 in September 2017, so right at the start.

If it hadn’t been for this, the house would have been given away but as you can appreciate, £301,000 is a fair sum and it meant I was unable to come anywhere close to clearing the house mortgage.

Hence, if a promoter doesn’t reach the target to pay the mortgage, the cash becomes the sole alternative.

A massive thank you to everyone. …those who took part, those who supported me along the way, those who commiserate!!!!!

The remainder of this website has now been deleted as obsolete, but I will leave the Home Page standing for a few more months.