BMW X5 40D M-Sport Mini-Competition

UPDATE on 30th January, 2018.

You now have the option to take £18,000 cash instead of the car. This is now extended to all entrants, even those inside the U.K. Formerly, this offer was only available to those overseas.

Several entrants have asked for this. Of course, should you want the car, great!

For those asking why ticket sales have slowed: I have ceased all competition advertising for a few weeks as I was getting exhausted! I’ll resume it on January 31st.

The cash alternative, where preferred, will be instructed bank-to-bank on the first working day following the draw. Those with British bank accounts should expect to receive the funds within a few hours of the transfer. Overseas entrants may need to allow some days for the banks to clear the funds.

This mini-competition is a sub-promotion of Your Country Church.

Anyone may buy BMW X5 tickets as the sale includes three house entries.

If you already own a house ticket, you won’t need to fill in the house entry form again. But if you’re entering for the first time, you must complete the house entry form as well as the BMW one–by law.

Sorry for all the forms but if you like, reserve tickets by paying and send in your forms later. Just be sure to remember exactly how and when you paid, so I can match them when your entries arrive. If in any doubt, email me at — I am always happy to answer questions and help people.


WIN a 2012 BMW X5, 40D M-SPORT (or £18,000 cash)

3.0 litre, 302 bhp, Automatic, Diesel, Space Grey, 77,800 miles

Tickets Sold :

468 / 1000

Ticket sales are now racing along for this event! As we get close to the draw, people are getting a bit giddy, ha….

I hope we will at least get to 500 and I’d be thrilled with that!

Closing date for entries : April 13th, or sooner if tickets sell beforehand.

Draw : APRIL 15th, evening (time tba)

Details: A publicly-held draw with entrant attendees invited (£10 extra for venue hire).

There will be no extension of dates. The draw goes ahead no matter what.



(1): Meadow, (2): Carr – J, (3): Brockman, (4). Allen – R/Roach – A, (5) Duggan – S, (6) Miller – J A, (7) Bell – M J, (8) O’Neill – A, (9) Kay, (10) Kelly – J, (11) Ninnis, (12-13) Bennett – P, (14-23) Barber – C, (24) Bissell, (25-26) Taylor – A L, (27) Marshall – A J, (28-29) Shaw – P, (30) Marshall – A J, (31) Curtis – G, (32-33) Bottomley, (34) Macfeeters, (35-36) Stevenson – J, (37) Hutchinson – L, (38-41) Shortland – J (42) Eklund, (43) Ansell, (44) Morrison – L G, (45) Rowlands, (46) Mallin, (47) Riches, (48) Zagrajek, (49-50) Comerford – J, (51) Jarvis, (52) Bourne, (53-54) Webber, (55) McEveley, (56) Cary, (57) Fuller & Fuller, (58) Rosser, (59-60) Comerford – J, (61) Gliddon, (62) Stingaciu, (63) Haldane, (64) Gilbert, (65) Rogers – P, (66) Richard – C, (67) Braisby, (68) Ansell, (69) Masson, (70) Wright – K, (71) Southworth, (72) Mrs J E & Mr P M, (73) A’Hearne, (74-75) Beever, (76) Atkinson – T K & S M, (77) Baron, (78) Price- S L, (79) Bull (80) Ashworth, (81) Partridge, (82) Bagley, (83) Starr, (84) Bennett – S, (85) Wharrier, (86) Baig, (87) Ollier, (88) Stephens – V, (89) Holloway, (90) Dowdall, (91) Thompson – J, (92) Ebdon, S&A Roys (93) Kay – J, (94-103) Barber – C, (104) Longley – P, (105) Martin – A, (106) Suddrey, (107) Leonard, (108) Kuttner, (109) Barraclough, (110) Goodfellow, (111) Chapman, (112) Dore, (113) Comerford, (114) Jepps, (115) Eriksson, (116) Read – S, (117) Brady – E, (118-121) Ashcroft – P, (122) McCreedy, (123) Genner, (124) Voigt, (125-126) Steiner, (127) Gemmel, (128) Ansell, (129) Gordon – D, (130) Parsons, (131) O’Grady – D, (132) Grant – L, (133-134) Johnson – J, (135) Manning – J, (136) Mole – J, (137) Bell – M J, (138) Southworth, (139) McLoughlin, (140) Motin, (141) Foster – E, (142) Swain, (143) Harrington – K, (144) Jackson – D, (145) Bell – M, (146) Cole – A (147) Wood – J, (148) Smal, (149) Farmery, (150) Ciling, (151) Kasica, (152) Vine, (153) Hatcher, (154) Vine – E, (155) Jennings, (156) Wasyliw, (157) Gray – A, (158) Gilpin – M, (159) Lamdin, (160) Wright – K, (161) Pickard, (162-163) Barkus, (164-164a) Gough – R, (‘164a’ was inserted here as I had made an error – Barkus has two entries but I didn’t want to re-allocate all other people’s numbers due to my error.) (165) Braund (166) Bryant – M, (167) James – R L, (168-169) Lawes, (170) De Cicco, (171) Todd – M, (172) Taylor – AL, (173) Clarke – SJ, (174) Restall, (175) Farry, (176) Webb – CM. (177) Jarman – C, (178-181) Pugh – P, (182-185) Wright – K, (186) Odunaiya, (187) Askew, (188) Moonie, (189) Lockwood – C, (190) Comerford – L, (191) Comerford – J, (192) Lever – A, (193) Hubbard – B, (194) Whiting – L, (195) Barraclough – A, (196) Kay – S, (197) Swain – S, (198) Stephens – V, (199-203) Parkes – R, (204) Stephens – V, (205) Wright – C (206-207) Wright – K, (208) Ward – V, (209) Rowlands – S, (210-211) Sutton – M, (212) Wooding – S, (213) Meneely, (214) Wright – K, (215-216) Stevenson – J, (217) Russell – R, (218) Rowley – D, (219) McGee – N, (220) Kay – S, (221) Warburton – A, (222-225) Suffolk, (226) Wright – K, (227) Ranner, (228) Cazacu, (229) Tulloch, (230) Houghton – S, (231) Notley, (232) Wright – K, (233) Lewis – J J, (234) Roberts M D, (235) Whiting – L L, (236) Dallas, (237) McMenemy, (238) Striker, (239) Lehmann, (240) Gibson – L M, (241) Sherman, (242) Peters – A K, (243) Johnson – L, (245) Jordan-Smith, (246) Livingston – A, (247-258) Sutton – C, (259) Clair – A, (260) Allen – M A, (261) Fellis, (262) Mortensen – O, (263) Niell – B, (264) Macaree – A (lovely letter Alan, thank you!!), (265) Barry – K G, (266) Claverton, (267-269) Ahmed – S, (270-273) Frinton, (274-275) Corless, (276) O’Neill – J, (277) Downs – M, (278) RG IT Solutions, (279) Frinton, (280-282) Margaret, (283-286) Cuningham – C, (287-296) Maplin, (297) Genevieve, (298) Genevieve (299) Griffin – J, (299) Griffin – J, (300) Davis J, (301) Scott – J, (302) Scott – J, (303) Scott – J, (304) Hanson, (305) Hanson, (306) Jeremy- B, (307) Caitland, (308) Caitland, (309) Reynolds – C, (310) Reynolds – C, (311) Reynolds – C, (312) Reynolds – C, (313) Reynolds – C, (314) Armand, (315) Armand, (316) Scotter, (317) Morris – J M, (318) Scotter, (319) Hurley – A, (320) Bovis, (321) Bovis, (322) Comerford – J, (323) Comerford – J, (324) Wright – S M, (325) Wright – S M, (326) Lovatt, (327) Lovatt, (328) Morden, (329) Beckenham, (330) Beckenham, (331) Painter, (332) Painter, (333) Sydenham, (334) Jervis – A, (335) Oakley, (336) Oakley, (337) Tristram, (338) Siebert, (339) Siebert, (340) Oestersund, (341) Foster – A, (342) Macaree, (343) Baig – M, (344) Reynolds – R, (345) Reynolds – R, (346) Reynolds – R, (347) Reynolds – R, (348) Brianni, (349) Brianni, (350) Brianni, (351) Brianni, (352) Lavenham, (353) Judd – A B, (354) Judd – A B, (355) Swanson, (356) Munro, (357) Webber – S T, (358) Lamb – C, (359) Maplethorpe – C, (360) Sarginson, (361) Manning – G, (362) Cagliari, (363) Charter, (364) Charter, (365) Antony, (366) Lucia, (367) Lucia, (368) Lucia, (369) Lucia, (370) Lucia, (371) Titmuss, (372) Titmuss, (373) Smyth – A M, (374) Smyth – A M, (375) Johnson – P B, (376) Johnson – P B, (377) Tismuss, (378) Morehouse, (379) Gugliari, (380) Gugliari, (381) Benson – A C, (382) Benson – A C, (383) Morehouse, (384) Solemon, (385) Solemon, (386) Solemon, (387) Solemon, (388) Solemon, (389) Pitcher, (390) Pitcher, (391) Eklund – S, (392) Pemberton – C & A, (393) Bell – M, (394) Parkes – R, (395) Parkes – R, (396) Parkes – R, (397) Parkes – R, (398) Parkes – R, (399) Parkes – R, (400) Parkes – R, (401) Soulsby – N K, (402) Jeremiah, (403) Jeremiah, (404) Jeremiah, (405) Jeremiah, (406) Prince, (407) Prince, (408) Laverty, (409) Smyth – K, (410) Smyth – K, (411) Smyth – K, (412) Smyth – K, (413) Smyth – Angela, (name stated by request), (414) Smyth – Angela, (415) Cotterill, (416) Cotterill, (417) Cotterill, (418) Cotterill, (419) Newnham, (420) Newnham, (421-450) Oetker – S, (451) Cartright – S , (452) Spence – J R, (453) Stevens – M, (454) Stevens – M, (455) Malamalatabua, (456) Bosanquet, (457-466) Harper – P W, (458) Leaming, (459) Charlesworth – J, (460) Otter, (461) Tarper, (462) Jeremiah – A, (463-464) Ollerton, (465) Salandiak, (466) Jackson – D, (467) Jackson – D, (468) Jackson – D (extra one for my mistake)  

Target:    £62,000 ish…(Maximum)

Here’s the BMW Competition Entry Form. 

This is a wonderful vehicle, very new-looking inside and out, finely kept. It drives perfectly, with so much power that it makes too-light work of the Swythamley hills. It has to be reined in a bit. Oh, the stereo system…sublime…the big fat leather seats and vast space. The seating areas and storage are massive; I could sleep in it!

Now, of course, these vehicles or even this brand won’t please everyone but I now offer the £18,000 cash alternative as a way to open up the event to everybody. I paid £24,000 for the car, all told, with insurance and extended warranty but the car value itself is around £18,000.

As I will have to trade in this vehicle if the winner doesn’t choose it, that’s why I can’t offer exactly what I paid for it; the residual earnings, assuming I sell sufficient tickets, will support the main house competition.

This car was purchased specifically for this competition.

Here’s the BMW Competition Entry Form.

Stumpy Cat is not included in the giveaway!

Why does each ticket cost £62.50?

  1. There are only 1,000 tickets available, and the car price plus margin to assist the house competition must be covered.
  2. Funds processors have shown cannot cope with fast funds in small amounts, so it’s more efficient and reliable to have 1,000 entrants paying £62.50 than have many thousands paying a fraction of that.

Odds of winning:

1: 1,000, maximum.

This will not be widened to take more entries, and you can see a day-by-day account of the entries on this page.

How Can I Enter?

Complete the entry form, including your researched answer to the qualifying question.

You can buy tickets and submit your entry form at a later stage, if desired, giving you more time to research your answer to the qualifier. 

Here’s the BMW Competition Entry Form.


How do I pay for my entry into the BMW X5 Mini-Competition?

Ideally (as it’s fast, no work for me and gets you immediate tickets and a mention in the published list) use Barclays.

However, **If you want BMW tickets and need to pay by credit or debit card, drop an email. I can send an easy payment link. Email me at and I will send you a link but please bear in mind that I am not always at the desk so you might wait 24 hours for one. Please only request a payment link if you’re sure you will use it. A great many people request links and then are never heard from again; it’s a colossal waste of time that I could be spending on helping other entrants.

Please pay before completing an entry form, since entries are directly entered onto the database and if you then don’t pay, it causes an admin headache!**


Send £62.50 direct to the bank account for Your Country Church.  

Bank: Barclays

Sort Code: 20-53-77

Account: 33944158

Account Name: Annie Jai, Author (if you made an earlier transfer, you might have put CA Jenkinson as the account holder. We are one and the same: Annie Jai is my author name and this is the author account).

If you want more than one ticket for the BMW, multiply £62.50. I will recognise this is what you are buying as the amount differs from any other tickets. Plus, I’ll have your entry form to refer to if in doubt.

If you first need to buy a house ticket in order to qualify, read the Payments page to see the options.

Surely, we don’t need to answer yet another qualifying question in the entry form?

Yes, you do. Competitions require a “skill or judgement” question to satisfy gambling legislation.

The qualifying question is too difficult. Can you put in the answer for me?

No. It would not serve the legal purposes of differentiating between a legal prize competition and an illegal lottery if a promoter were giving answers out or ignoring the fact you have not given an answer.

Will I know my ticket number?

Your name will appear online against a numbered ticket on the BMW mini-competition page. The numbers won’t change.

Why ask for a new entry form, if Annie’s Amazing Auto Mini-Competition is part of the Your Country Church event?

The BMW Mini-Competition is a fundraising sub-promotion of Your Country Church Competition, to help make up shortfalls caused by funds processor errors, (now sorted, thank goodness) in the first quarter of the house competition.

Funds raised go back into the house competition to assist towards the target. 

A separate database is a must, too, a) because this Mini-Competition has its own qualifying question that prevents it being an illegal lottery, and b) having all entrants on a separate database means I can monitor and control ticket sales. Plus, the events will have separate draw dates and closing dates for entries, so when the car one ends, the house one is probably still ongoing.


I have seen a similar car available for less!

You’ll find similar cars privately but I was not interested in buying them.

I wanted to pay the appropriate mark-up to get you a good car with at least a dealer warranty. The last thing I want to do is upset someone by passing on a duff motor!

Can I see the car and its paperwork before entering?

Yes, absolutely. Drop a line to and we will make an appointment.

How was the car selected?

I looked for a solid, popular prestige brand with average-good mileage for the marque.

The brand was important here, as I used to drive an older Audi A5 with 131,000 miles and it was still driving flawlessly. So, on this search, I was also mindful to look out for slightly above-average mileage vehicles whose brand quality could support those extra miles, in order to get something special. I believed I found that ‘something’ in the M-SPORT spec.

I also sought a good service history and MOT, and a vehicle in all-round great condition inside and out.

I knew it had to be a useful, family vehicle as I was buying for the ‘average’ competition entrant. 

What will the BMW X5 winner receive?

– the 2012 BMW X5 for which I paid £22,990;

– the residual dealer’s warranty. I paid £799 to extend the warranty. At present, it has 15 months’ independent dealer warranty and this began on January 2nd, 2018. Whatever portion remains when you win the car, will transfer to you.

– an MOT for a full year. I’ll be getting it done again just before the winner picks it up; it’s currently MOT’d til the end of October, 2018 with no advisories.

– a bank transfer for a year’s tax and vehicle insurance up to £1,000, on production of a receipt from the insurer and a copy of your insurance certificate. I will need to see your insurance before you drive it away.

– the car will be valeted, and we can all stand and ogle it in the car park of the Tytherington Club, Macclesfield, assuming that is where I will give it away. (I’d ask for one thing from the winner: drive me back home before you disappear with the Beast…!)

How do I get insurance?

The winner is responsible for self-insuring the car to drive away from Swythamley Chapel, but the funds of up to £1,000 will be transferred upon production of the required paperwork, the same day. If you are a young driver, it makes sense to allow the car to be owned and collected by your parents or older siblings. 

I have paid just over £700 to insure the car “fully comprehensive”, but quotes do get very expensive if you have no no-claims discount or you’re inexperienced. In the process of insuring this, I discovered you can only use a no-claims discount on one vehicle at a time. Dammit! So that’s pushed up my insurance on the TT… never mind.

What Additional Legal Terms Are Applicable to Annie’s Amazing Auto Mini-Draw?

Legislation applies to the Annie’s Amazing Auto Mini-Competition, as it did to the main prize competition. Extensive legal advice has been obtained from the U.K’s leading competitions-specialist law firm. 

I am operating prize competitions within a regulated environment and intend to uphold the U.K. gambling laws.

I seek to double-protect entrants and my sub-promotion by again adding a qualifying question you must answer, the same as for the main competition. This means it becomes a competition requiring skill or knowledge again, not a game of chance. 

What if I’m resident overseas?

Overseas winners receive a cash prize of 75% of the vehicle’s purchase price, as shown on receipts from the dealer, instead of the car. This will exclude the value of add-ons such as the extended warranty.

100% of the purchase price cannot be transferred to an overseas winner because it is costly to hold onto motor vehicles and less exciting for new entrants to buy tickets again for the same car, in a subsequent mini-competition. I may have to part-exchange it for something else, to run a new promotion–or sell it back to the dealership if I am not obtaining a second car for you to win, at that stage.

How could I collect my prize?

The winner will collect the car from Swythamley Chapel within 21 days of the car draw. There will be no rush for you to collect, actually, so you can extend this but I want to show my willingness to have you collect as soon as you like. There is plenty of safe storage here so, if you want me to hold it longer, then as long as it moves on before I give the house away, great.

In submitting an entry, entrants agree they will be named and will have a handover photograph or video taken at Swythamley Chapel upon car collection, for the website and Facebook page of Your Country Church.

What if 1000 tickets aren’t sold for Annie’s Amazing Auto Mini-Competition?

It’s unlikely to happen. Tickets