We are now entering the final week in which you can enter the Audi TT giveaway.

Promoter Annie’s beautiful, 2003 Audi TT will have a winner on 11th February in a randomised number draw. 

If you hold a ticket – free or paid – in Your Country Church competition, you are eligible to complete an entry form in the TT giveaway mini-draw. The tickets are one-per-person only, but others in your household may of course enter too, as long as each person entering to win the TT holds at least one Your Country Church entry.

Here is the Audi TT entry form for those who are eligible.

The images above were taken today, 2nd February. Apologies it looks a touch muddy; this is a fine and shiny car when washed, I promise!

It is not too late to enter. If you’d like a shot at winning a beautiful old TT that drives like a dream and has flawless bodywork and red leather, make sure you obtain your ticket(s) in Your Country Church competition.

The car can be collected on/after 25th February from Swythamley Chapel, SK11 0SN, U.K., by the winner ONLY. Please do not send others to collect without prior arrangement.

The funds–should you choose to receive the cash instead–can be sent immediately I announce the winner if you’re in the United Kingdom, or within five working days if you are overseas. I will need to visit the bank to instruct this or can send immediately by Paypal, as a ‘friends and family’ gift.

The winner does need to visit the Facebook page of Win a Country Church to claim the prize, for the sake of transparency, but after this, the funds can be sent or the car given.

Details on how to buy house competition tickets are here–note, there’s also a BMW X5 competition for which you have to buy tickets, whereas the Audi TT entry is free. So don’t mix up the two.