I know what you’re thinking… “that lying swine, Annie, said she was giving away her old but cute Audi TT and that was ages ago. And there haven’t been any updates lately. I bet she’s hanging onto it! I knew it!”


Sorry for that.

The reality is, the target was to do a draw when I had 3,000 entries and we are still nowhere near!

To enter, you didn’t (don’t) have to pay but must have at least one entry into the main house competition.

I’ll link to the entry form in this message and hopefully, we can get this car giveaway ended soon… I love this car and it flew through its MOT but, for reasons of trust, I really am looking forward to getting a winner here and handing over the little motor… then I will take pics of the handover to post for you all to see.

Just for info, it looks and drives beautifully, has so much oomph…well, it’s light and small, and 180bhp which isn’t at all bad.

Under the bonnet, it’s clean and in fine shape.

It has a nice little turbo that kicks in and this car flies up even the steep A54 here… quite a feat. Road-holding is excellent and this is the TT Quattro, four wheel drive, making light work of Swythamley snow and ice.

It starts first time even after weeks of not driving in the sub-zeros, has no body damage, and these ohhhh so cute red leather seats that are quite hugging in design. Boot space is good …surprisingly! Even with a spare tyre (full sized) in mine, and a suitcase, there’s enough room for a fair few shopping bags.

Well, anyway.

The TT entries are STILL under 1200… it is extremely popular when people know about it but, with so much going on and so many page and Facebook updates, it soon drops from view.

The reason I am waiting for 3000 entries for the TT is that it’s a very low number considering that I am asking nothing at all to enter that draw, and it’s my pride and joy. : ( So, I won’t be parted from it easily…. the winner will have to drag me off the rear bumper as they drive away, ha. I also hoped that the availability of additional prizes like this would inspire more entries into the house competition; giving away my own vehicle leaves me without transport so I have to know there’s at least a few £k to buy me another little old thing!

Oh and, in the event someone overseas wins it, I also have to ensure there’s enough cash to award them the cash value of the car instead of the vehicle, since they obviously can’t drive a car in a different country!

I have inserted an update JPEG of the competition entries into this post but it looks mighty fuzzy; I am hoping it’s because I haven’t saved it and published the post yet, so we’ll see. If it’s clear, it shows the number of Audi TT entries and the date in the bottom of the screen… 

And here is the link to the Audi TT entry form for those of you who want a little punt on that, free! 

The stipulation is that you must be a valid entrant into the house competition too, and you must collect the car from Swythamley Chapel if you win, and agree to publicity pics and your name and town being shown to show it was a legitimate giveaway.

Overseas entrants may also enter: if you win the TT, I’ll give you the cash value. But this is for overseas residents only. U.K. based winners must collect the vehicle as agreed.

Enter here!