The process of cleaning the BMW database has begun on 15th March, 2018.

This means you may see small changes and corrections. For example, if you bought ten tickets, instead of listing you against every ticket number, the public list will now show (as an example) ‘(282-291) – Smyth’. (This is fictitious!)

This makes me work through every allocation and sale systematically, checking all numbers (quantity of tickets bought) are correct and no numbers are missing or duplicated. It would be a total disaster if I drew a number and then found out I’d double-allocated it, so that’s why this tedious clean-up is needed.

Giving each entrant a block instead of citing every individual number means I’m more likely to spot errors, and so are you. It means the whole public list becomes easier to view, for one thing. Bear with me while I complete this work.

On rare occasions, if I spot an error in my number allocations, you may be given an ‘a’ instead of a sequential number. This means, I’d allocated you the same number as I’d given to someone else and have now corrected it by affording you (as an example) 161 and 161a, noting the ‘a’ as a separate database entry too. I’ve spotted one such mistake already and this proves the value of going right back through a database with eagle eyes and reading specs.

I’ll be putting in full work days from now until the draws are made, to pick up errors.

You may continue to buy BMW tickets until I close this event, on April 14th, just a day prior to the Draw.

As we are talking about a maximum of 1000 ticket sales, there’s no problem in accepting entries more or less through to the close, especially as I am now database cleansing on an ongoing basis, whereas the house draw entries will need to cease in time to give me (and a hired team) 14 days to clean and de-dupe the massive entrants’ list.