Hi all,

It is March 18th and I just logged onto the BMW draw page to see that ‘somehow’, the page had reverted to a very early version. I have no idea how that came about but, luckily, the current version was saved to History so I have been able to put it right with a mouse click.

I’m stunned (in a good way!) that nobody complained to me about this — and I even received new entries — but, if you’re a BMW entrant, it must have seemed peculiar to see the page reverting to where it stood a couple of months ago, with only a handful of entrants showing. So sorry for this but, just to reassure you, everyone is of course logged on a database and the on-screen version is just to keep you updated (well, supposed to be, when it works!) so if there is a major glitch, that doesn’t affect the database and I will pick up the error sooner or later and rectify it.

Again, sincere sorry for any worry caused.