Hello all,

I hope you all survived the hellish weather last week. Swythamley didn’t come off too well, as usual. Being in an area with so many trees and that’s prone to drifts, we had power outages and many trees down… plenty of damage. But we all pulled through, so here’s hoping you’re all okay.

Now is the time to start asking which entrants in the BMW draw would like to attend the giveaway?!

I still intend to make this a face-to-face event, and at first, I’d like to see who’d like to attend. It will be in the evening and I would try to hire a local venue, depending on numbers and funds. 

If you can register your interest in attending a draw on APRIL 15TH (Sunday) in a venue to be decided, in Cheshire area, please email me at editor@e-scribes.com. 

I will assemble a list based on ‘first come, first served’ and will need to limit numbers because of venue restrictions, so please let me know your intent to come along, by the end of March 15th. I will also hold a reserves list of other attendees, in case some pull out. Please note that your fee to attend will need to be paid ahead; as a seasoned organiser of events, I know that collecting funds on the night will leave me short, since some who promise to attend won’t show, invariably! So, a commitment to attend will need to be matched by funds once I have the costings for a venue.

Please be mindful that funds gained from the house competition are still “yours” not mine, so I can’t delve into those! Hence, I am thinking and hoping that £10 per person should be adequate for a venue hire, but once I know numbers, I will be able to get costings in plenty of time for room hire.

The reason I wouldn’t hold this at the chapel is really because of my elderly Persian cat, Snoober; she is delicate now and would be stressed by large groups of visitors, but I certainly hope you will still want to come. It helps the transparency of the giveaway if I can see people face to face, who have a stake.

I will drive the BMW to the venue but would appreciate a lift home if the lucky winner is in attendance! Everyone will be able to view it on site. We can enjoy drinks and a chat and then…. trumpet fanfare…do the draw. I do not know how to do a live feed so that everyone can view but if anyone does, who plans to attend, please be my tutor!

**Please can I ask that your emails are kept businesslike as I get sometimes more than 400 a day! Please just put ‘Attend BMW Draw’ in your header, and then in the email body, write your full name, postal address and how many BMW tickets you hold.

Thank you! It should be fun! Please also bear in mind that the £10 charge is variable depending on the venue hire cost–but I will be charging ‘at cost’ with no mark-up.