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Most days, I’m asked to help someone else conduct research for their own competition or to give advice on setting up something similar. I will gladly do this but it means I have to take time out of work.

I offer 3 hours’ consulting services, face to face or by telephone or skype, for £250, to answer your questions. I recommend meeting up, as only then can I show you the systems and processes in place, which could be useful for your own event.


My regular meeting venue is the Tytherington Club, 90, Dorchester Way, Macclesfield where there’s great food, drink and wi-fi.

It’s quiet enough to have a good business meeting and is a fairly corporate–but relaxed–setting.

Book & Pay

If you would like to book and pay, you can send the funds to my bank account or to Paypal, or email me to request an invoice first, at

Book as soon as possible as I always have more consulting requests than I can accommodate.

You’re welcome to pay to reserve your slot, and then email to say you have done so. We would then set up a mutually convenient time for our meeting. You may book a longer slot if required.

You should fund the fee ahead of making an appointment.

Bank Transfers

Pay to: Barclays Bank Plc

Sort code: 2 0 – 5 3 – 7 7

Account:   8 0 3 2 9 4 3 6 

Miss CA Jenkinson


“Send money”  as a Friends & Family payment please, avoiding fees for me–or, overpay to cover the fees, to: 

To other people–who are not buying consulting services–reading this page: DO NOT use my Paypal email address to buy competition tickets unless it’s via the ‘Add to Cart’ facility within my ebook promotion.

This email address is given solely for the purchasing of consulting services. Monies submitted to buy tickets will be returned as this sort of sale is against Paypal’s Terms of Service.