We all know of those broadband providers who say they offer unlimited use, but when you read further, they’re applying a ‘fair use’ policy.

What does this mean?

It means, you use it within reasonable limits, and those limits are self-imposed. You’re supposed to apply a sense of reason and fairness, and should use your unlimited broadband provision only to such a degree that you’re not exploiting the system or endangering the ‘unlimited use’ structure for all the other customers. 

The same applies to free entries in a competition. Doesn’t it?

A couple of times this week, I have found that the postman couldn’t fit all my mail into the small mailbox. From inside my house, I could hear the poor chap trying to force the masses of mail into the box.

I opened it up to remove the clogged-up entry forms, only to find the damn thing is filled with forms from more or less one person. Now, it takes around 50 entry forms in envelopes, to fill my mailbox to a point of bursting at the joints, and this is what one man has been mailing me this week. 

While I don’t want to (nor can I) apply entry form restrictions, sending me 50 free entry forms a day is taking the ____ (fill in the missing word). I don’t know how you would go about entering 50 forms a day onto a manual database, but Mr X, you’re most welcome to come and enter them yourself and see how much work this is and how long it takes. It’s actually not feasible to enter 50 forms a day unless I don’t do a single other thing for any other entrant.

The fact that these 50 forms a day are arriving, stops other entrants’ mail arriving as the postie has actually returned some mail he could not deliver when I was out, all because this man’s mail has filled the capacity. My bank statements were all squashed and crumpled, and on another day, some letters were left on the doorstep and blew around in the rain. 

So, if this is you, sending a huge volume of entry forms, may I say as politely as possible–stop it, and find something more productive to do with your time, ha.

I might also point out that your 50 free entries are costing you more than £25 a day in postage, and with that, you could support the competition and buy at least a few paid entries, thereby increasing the chance of a successful close for everybody!

Signed: Unimpressed of Swythamley