The Draw

About the Draw

Silly me!

I somehow managed to omit the important information about how the draw will take place, to award the house. I have been asked this so many times so here is a copy of what I said just now on the Facebook page.

As also mentioned on Facebook, I am open to suggestions of specific people who’d attend (in a professional capacity) and for transparency, I have already discussed this with a solicitor and the journalist who did the Daily Mail feature.

I can find people myself of course, but if these attendees come from entrant suggestions, that’s better for reassuring you about what goes on! 

I would want these people to be named and “public”, and to see the documentation, discuss the way the draw has been administered and then to view it taking place on the day. It might be advisable for me to accommodate these attendees in a hotel the night before the draw so they can look at how everything has been managed throughout and ask any questions.

If you know someone who would not mind attending to help “police” the fairness of the draw–so that everyone knows what’s happening on the day–and who seems qualified in some way to do so, and who is NOT an entrant… let me know!