Updates & Transparency

Updates & Transparency

1st September, 2017

Message from Annie — the Promoter:

I will do my best to reply to everyone who writes with a query; I see from looking at similar competitions, how frustrating it is for entrants when Promoters drop into a black hole of zero communications.

Please, though, be patient if you message, because competitions generate tens of thousands of emails with only one person answering.

The more chat any Promoter engages in, the less time they have available to collate entries, check answers, and run an effective entrants’ database!

Every effort will be made to keep transparency. This will mean:
– News updates on this website;
– I am on the competition’s Facebook Page every few days for live interaction with Page Fans and to answer questions;
– availability to answer questions by Facebook personal message;
– availability and willingness to meet with entrants and especially with “specialist” entrants, e.g. accountants, lawyers etc, to show how I am running the Campaign, the spend allocations, the banking and the database maintenance;
– provision of a website Contact Form for you to reach me direct from this website;
– two personal email addresses: