As I have purchased a BMW X5 for everyone to ogle and buy a ticket for, it may be confusing also running a FREE giveaway of my old 2003 Audi TT. Or, even if it’s not confusing, I want to see YOU drive it away soon.

It’s been online a while, aiming to accrue 3,000 ticket giveaways as a side-promotion of Your Country Church competition.

However, today–11th January–I’ve still only given away 1163 tickets to win the Audi TT.

To be eligible for the Audi TT giveaway, you had to have (free or paid) a single ticket or more in Your Country Church competition.

You need to be on the Entrant Database for the house competition. However–please do not put in a new entry form for the house event if you have done one already (unless you’re buying new tickets, for the house event). All I need to know is that you confirm you’re already a house competition entrant when you send in your TT form.

Then complete an Audi TT Entry Form and send it in to the database.

Here’s that Audi TT Entry Form again.

The problem in getting to 3,000 tickets given away has been awareness; when people know about it, and if they already are a ticketholder in the main house competition, the forms come in fast.


ONLY 3,000 tickets are available on this free giveaway.

I’ll do a running count-up of how many have been given away… if 3000 tickets go before 16th February when the ticket giveaway is due to cease, (ready for the draw on 18th), then the draw will happen early. So, ensure you qualify and nab a ticket, fast.

I’ll update the count-up as often as I can around work, many times a day.


1281 (slowed down again!)


With a lot of things happening on my website, entrants couldn’t really ‘see’ the Audi TT giveaway so, it accrued entry forms whenever I highlighted it on Facebook. And these days, there are so many other things to talk about there.

So, Audi TT entrants, here’s what will happen. I’ve made an executive decision!

As I want to get this car given away to show it’s been a real event, I am naming SUNDAY FEBRUARY 18TH as the date on which I will run a random-selection mini-draw and to appoint a winner of this lovely old TT…which runs like a dream and looks stunning.

Of course, should this new announcement draw in many new entries, it will close sooner if the magic 3,000 tickets are given away in the interim but, failing that, it will close and a winner get selected on February 18th, making room for less confusion around which car is what!

The Audi TT draw on 18th February will be conducted by: 

1. Checking all Audi TT entrants on the TT-specific database have fully completed their entry form and are eligible. It’s very unlikely anyone is not eligible, as long as a form came. Periodically, however, the form attracts a joker who puts daft things in, but by and large, entry forms are genuine entrants who are grateful for the opportunity. Thanks for that! : ) 

2. If someone wants to instruct me on how to do it, I can conduct a live Facebook draw… this seems to be what people like best? Never done one before but I am game to try, If you can be my live Facebook coach, drop a line at

3. On the day, I will input the start number and the end number into a random number generator app on my phone. I’ll let the number generator pick a number between 1 and however many tickets have been given away. The chosen number is the winner.

4. If overseas and unable to collect the car, the winner will receive £1,500 (1685 euros at today’s rates).

Otherwise, anyone on the mainland (England, Scotland, Wales) will have to pick up the car from Swythamley Chapel, Swythamley, SK11 0SN. There won’t be any rush, though; there’s plenty of space here but let’s not allow the car to sit around un-driven as it’s bad for cars! (And bad for me…I want the winner to really want it).

At the time of winning, you may also ask for £1,500 instead–but if you’re on the mainland, it’s discretionary — which means, my choice! — whether I agree or ask you to still take the car.

5. If collecting the car, I’d like you to let me take photos on the day, or even a video of the giveaway. However, I cannot force you to do this and some people are simply camera-shy…so, your call.


I will make a database of entrants available, with their allocated TT entry numbers. This means the actual entry-taking will have to close on February 15th, 2018, so there’s time for the TT database to be cleaned and anonymised for upload to Dropbox, where every entrant may look to see their ticket number.

Eeeeh! Exciting! This means you’ll have had the chance to see your TT entry number before the draw goes live.

The entrant database you can then all see, will only show your name, town and country.

If you want a ticket in the TT event:

Do you have at least one ticket in the Your Country Church Competition (to win Swythamley Chapel)?

If not, buy one today online or, *post in, via the postal system* a free house competition entry form. If you head on over to this website’s Payments Page, that tells you the tickets available and how to pay. 

Complete a TT entry form using the link earlier in this post. If today’s the first time you’re entering the house competition, then also buy a house ticket–or however many you want–and complete a house entry form too… it’s in this website’s Enter Competition section. Otherwise, if you hold a house ticket from earlier, just send a car entry form and you’re done.

Each entrant in the TT competition may enter ONLY ONCE.

Happy entry form filling!

Some features of the Audi TT car:

**It has been nicknamed “The Tart’s Boudoir” by a consultancy client (yes, we still speak…). Who else can say that?! So it’s a real EXCLUSIVE!**

Silver body, excellent condition

109k miles (but drives like it’s new… probably better! I like the drive of this car even better than the drive in the BMW X5. The throaty engine, the power, and the road-holding are sensational).

Lizard motifs either side as shown – nothing tacky!

Low profile tyres – nice big wheels!

Back powder-coated, refurbished alloys

2.0 litre with 5v turbo. Punchy. Plenty of power. 180 bhp!

Quattro model – 4 wheel drive (makes an enormous difference; this car has at times been the only one truly mobile in the ice locally when others., even the 4×4 SUVs, were sliding all over the place.)

Manual drivetrain (smooth)

Six-speed gearbox

Red leather interior, excellent condition

Heated seats; the best I have ever had. You could cook your dinner on the max setting, and it’s very sensitive and fast to heat up or respond to changes.

PARROT device on steering wheel; this is for hands-free phone use but I have never tested and used it, so can’t vouch for it. But it’s there and probably works great as the lady who owned prior to me used it for work daily.

Clean under bonnet

Pristine boot, and pretty big too!

No breakdowns since I had it – that’s two years now

First-time starter, even after standing unused

Serviced December 2017 – full service history

MOT’d December 2017 – no advisories

LOTS of power – drives like a dream, makes light work of steep hills, snow and ice.

Remote central locking.

Remote boot release.

Red enamelled gear knob (some red has come away, but hey, it’s 2003 model!)

Brand new front windscreen–stone chip has been eradicated! : )

2 new tyres in December 2017–the others not much wear yet either. 

Spare tyre in boot.

No creaks, groans, irritating noises of any description! Nice, firm, solid, drive. Can’t imagine better from a new TT, really.

**I’m going to take interior shots shortly…not sure where the inside shots have disappeared to.**

FOIBLES: The radio/CD needs re-coding. Presently, it’s in safety mode as the service garage reset it. Dammit!
The centre LED display has missing pixels, where you’d read the external temperature and the fuel level. However, the manual fuel gauge, not the LED, is the one I work off. These LED panels are among the first things to go on a 2003 TT but, in its favour, the car’s engine coolant gauge–something that many old TTs also develop faults with–is accurate. Its needle moves slowly to the centre point (90 degrees) and stays there…so it’s spot on. Many tend to fluctuate when the cars develop fan problems.


Have you seen the BMW X5 event also on this site?

You do have to pay for a ticket for that one as I bought it in… but, here it is!

Only 1000 maximum ticket sales on that car, so 1: 1000 to win. See it here!