All embedded galleries proved to be a pain, as they wouldn’t open up large images. So, after much frustration, I am uploading to Dropbox instead; at least here, you can expand them to their full potential and see lose-up images. 

Not every image will open up large — it depends if the original is high resolution. Where possible, I am using high res images so you can blow them up on your mobiles and so on. I will add new ones as often as I can.

CLICK on each separate image before trying to expand it; that way, you’re expanding the high-res version where such exists, and not the thumbnail! Even with Dropbox, it’s not ideal.

New images get added to the END of the wretched gallery, not up front! Or I can arrange them in alphabetical order…er, handy, Dropbox, thanks. : (

So…make sure you keep looking for new ones. Later, I might create additional folders for the newest ones, so at least there’s some sort of categorisation. Nothing’s easy anymore!

Gallery of SWYTHAMLEY CHAPEL: HOUSE & GARDEN, click here.