Well, ‘Sod’s Law’ (or Murphy’s Law, if you want to be polite) strikes. 

Why am I not surprised that just as we’re approaching the draw for the BMW, I receive a manufacturer’s recall notice! Bummer!

I am sure it will be fine; the notice just says to admit the car to any dealership where they will replace a part free of charge. But I don’t have a lot of time, so here’s hoping there’s not a long queue of other customers doing the same. Ptth!

This is a dream car, runs beautifully, so the ‘problem’ hasn’t shown up, to date anyway…. it looks a tad muddy having conveyed me onto a construction site every day last week, so it’s due a wash… to see if it’s still under all the muck. But it will come up sparkling and I will now drive a different car, having learned what the terrain’s like! 

Here’s what the BMW recall notice says:

“As part of ongoing quality analysis at BMW, it has been established that the front propeller shaft may be subject to premature wear. This may lead to corrosion resulting in noise or vibration. …”

So, there we are. BMW, this is a 2012 car…. you had five years to find this out but you just had to wait til a couple of weeks before my draw, ha…

I’ll book it in this week…don’t even know where the nearest Beemer servicing centre is.