The Prize

The Prize:

Swythamley Chapel, Swythamley, Staffordshire SK11 0SN, United Kingdom, mortgage-free.
The freehold to Swythamley Chapel.
Payment of legal fees for the transfer of the property and the freehold to new owners.
Payment of the Winner's Stamp Duty Land Tax.

125,000 paid tickets at the sum of £6 need to be sold by the Closing Date of 1st April, 2018. Paid tickets are strictly capped at 125,000.

If fewer than 125,000 paid tickets have been sold by the Closing Date but the Promoter decides to award the house anyway, the above items constitute the whole Prize.

It is the promoter's intention to give away the house as long as there are sufficient funds for the mortgage to be cleared. See the Home page for more about this (added on January 20th, 2018).

If 125,000 paid tickets have been sold when the Competition closes, the Winner will additionally receive:

  • A full tank of Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) on transfer, to supply the Winner with gas for at least six months of normal household use.
  • 12 months’ council tax payments made as a lump sum directly to the Council.
  • £10,000 donation to a registered charity or recognised good cause of the Winner's choice, within 48 hours of the charity or cause being agreed between Winner and Promoter.
  • Should the Winner wish to let the property on Airbnb, the Promoter offers ongoing advice and practical assistance to set the Winner up with an Airbnb account and property listing.
  • For overseas entrants, help and advice are available in finding a housekeeper to look after the house, and to run it as an Airbnb venture, if required, for six months after the competition.