About the Promoter

What’s the Promoter’s Background?

I’m Annie, and I have a long professional background in strategic marketing and consultancy, working for blue-chip clients to resolve problems in global businesses.

(Note that as Anne is my middle name and my Author’s name is Annie Jai, people now call me Annie more than my full name):

See this Link to my past! Okay so it’s a few years old…. !

This second link shows my professional credentials as a strategic marketer–ideal for trying to shift a huge hulk of stone in the countryside!

As such, I am used to running programmes that span a whole world–literally–and in keeping on top of challenging things. 

These days, I lead a less stressful life — well, til now, ha — as I write books, edit and do a little security and surveillance work after recently training in close protection and investigations. 

Possessing 30 years’ marketing experience for global companies, I’ve no doubt this is what helped my first book to perform so well; I believe that having a great prize and meeting regulatory compliance in running house competitions is only half the battle. It helps to be a seasoned marketer, as these campaigns are very demanding and intricate. 

I hope this allays your fears about whether I’ll be able to push this competition through to its conclusion and award the house to a deserving Winner.