Letting on Airbnb

Unusually for a house in a prize competition, this house has proved its income-earning worth over 2.5 years because I have been letting it on Airbnb, mostly just on weekends.

See the Airbnb Listing

(This should be a clickable link: however, as I have taken it ”off the menu’ for Airbnb guests due to the competition, it’s much harder to see the losting; Airbnb hides it!).

This alone has brought more than £30,000 per annum and yet most of the time, the house is still “mine” for sole use.

You would be winning a house that can pay its own way. The Winner need not worry about bills if they’re also prepared to continue letting on Airbnb. Plus, you’d be mortgage-free so there isn’t a lot to cover!

Airbnb letting has been problem-free and the Chapel has been let to ONE discerning family or couple at a time.

Sadly, it is against Airbnb’s Terms of Service for me to pass my Airbnb account to a new owner — shame, as it has many 5-star reviews — but I would let the Winner use all my photos and write-up.

This house has a very eager market and if you won the house today and advertised it on Airbnb, by next weekend you’d have enough money from Airbnb guests, to pay the month’s bills. It takes only one family of four for two nights, to cover all the outgoings…. and you could use it yourself the rest of the time!

The house will be handed to the Winner with all bookings completed and no obligations to continue letting. I have blocked out the bookings calendar to prevent bookings after the Competition.

“I have read horror stories about Airbnb guests!”

As stated elsewhere, you’re watching too much TV! I’ve never had a single issue with any guests and often joke how I should pay them to stay!

The peaceful setting means “party animal” guests just don’t choose it so I have a select, quiet pool of guests who come to enjoy the peace and greenery. I do not even supply a television, so, this indicates the sort of guest who usually visits!

Guests often clean before they depart, and I find the dishwasher running when I get in, and the laundry in the washing machine. Many leave me gifts and cards. Spanish turron…. oh dear, those Spaniards started a craving with that gift.

I let it to ONE group at a time, so they have the place to themselves (first floor and ground floor, not the lockable basement which could be let separately). It’s a haven for people with busy lives and there’s no chance of any friction with other guests.

Seasonality & Booking Levels

The Chapel lets easily all year round, with little alteration to nightly fees which don’t have to be reduced due to seasonality. At New Year and Christmas, though, it is possible to almost double the rate.

I choose to keep it unbooked on weekdays. Weekends are almost always fully booked. When looking at the figures, bear in mind the nightly rate stated on Airbnb is just for the first two guests; after that, there’s an increased tariff per additional guest, plus a cleaning fee. This way, with a family of five, six or more coming on a weekend, it can soon reach £600 for a couple of nights. People even ask to pay extra to sleep on the sofa or the floor…crazy.

The long and the short of it is, they just want to come.

If a Winner decided to run the house at full occupancy, lowering weekday rates would fill those days also. Weekend bookers tend to be families of four or more, where weekday bookers are often singles and couples.

A large percentage of guests comes from overseas, arriving directly from Manchester Airport, just 40 minutes away.

This figure additionally excludes the letting of the self-contained basement studio room that could bring in another £15,000-£20,000 at £100 a night. The Winner could live in the house and let the basement, or vice versa..or let all of it. The basement studio room is a double bedroom which has its own private entrance and a private small courtyard garden, not overlooked by the house. Guests coming and going are unnoticed and unheard by the main house and vice versa.

The same applies to making a galleried space into (single) bedroom 4, which also increases Airbnb letting potential.

The Promoter in no way guarantees the income level from Airbnb as much depends on how the Winner runs their Airbnb business. However, the popularity of the Chapel shows what is possible and likely for an ‘averagely good’ host. And by the way–I haven’t had to slowly build up to this income level. It started from day 1 of letting on Airbnb! Please note that in the event of the Winner wanting to run an Airbnb business, I will deliver a full day’s training course at the Chapel, to help them get off the ground.

If the Winner doesn’t live locally, they’ll need to employ a housekeeper and I can also help with finding one.

This one platform is enough to keep the Chapel at full occupancy. I also just want to add the note that I only let to one family or couple at a time, and I don’t meet them nowadays…they do self check-in and check-out and even then, there are no issues! I do not give any food and I most certainly never get up at the crack of dawn (or at all!) to cook someone breakfast… this is truly the stress-free letting experience! I don’t see them, and they don’t see me. All I have to do is turn the house around between lets.

This is not the house in which you could run a country hotel, ha. It is for those discerning families and couples who want to be private and “get away from it all”. Clients want to be the only ones in occupancy and they value being left alone.