Rural Tranquility

Rural Tranquility: the house is in an unspoiled, peaceful area

The winner should not hope to turn this into a party house, a space for events or for commercial use. The neighbourhood is quiet, residential, populated by a preponderance of semi-retired and retired persons, and everyone’s respectful of everyone else.

You can be self-employed and work from home.

The house has been let via Airbnb on weekends for years, without any problems to the neighbourhood, so the winner can expect to do the same, by letting it carefully.

I haven’t had to “vet” bookers as long as they come via Airbnb; the sort of people choosing a rural hideaway are quiet, respectful and courteous. It’s been a privilege to have them stay and to know they’re looking after the house. There haven’t been any damages, no insurance claims, no problems.

I only let to one family or couple at a time. This is not the house in which you could run a country hotel or busy B&B. It is for discerning families and couples who want to “get away from it all”, intimately. Guests like to be alone.