The Chapel is centrally heated via liquid propane, delivered on a telemetry system by Calor; as the Winner, you would never run out of gas as top-ups are automatic.

There is mains water and electricity.

Water bills are ridiculously low — the Promoter has never paid more than £140 per annum, although much water is used!

Electricity costs around £1,000 per annum and will be lower when upstairs lights are switched to LEDs, like those on the ground floor.

The drainage system is via septic tank, quite usual for a rural home. You should have it emptied once a year if you’re a family. Otherwise, used by a single person, it has been as long as 4-5 years between empties. To have a septic tank emptied and the drains jetted costs around £150.

The property is on a contract for up to 8MB broadband and the area is in negotiations to achieve superfast broadband services soon.


The stunning little downstairs study with its memorial plaque for Sir Philip Brocklehurst. This room has fabulous stained glass windows too, truly pretty.