The Freehold

More About The Freehold

The winner will obtain Swythamley Chapel freehold. 

Swythamley Chapel also has a ‘flying freehold’ over the very small family vault under its study. No homeowner ever owns the vault (crypt), though you own the study above it and all the rest of the house. The crypt or vault has no impact on the house; as the owner, ignore the fact it’s there. It feels like any other family home and a small insurance indemnity policy covers responsibility for the crypt’s upkeep as this doesn’t fall to the homeowner.

The crypt isn’t visible to or accessible and visitors do not see it is there.

In the fourteen years I’ve lived at Swythamley Chapel, there have been no problems with the vault and nobody has contacted me about it. There are no remaining family members of the deceased, and Sir Philip Brocklehurst – one of Macclesfield’s most famous names – is buried in the crypt along with his wife, daughter and a servant. So you will be in grand company!

And no, it isn’t spooky at the Chapel; there have never been any ghostly goings-on, as 500+ Airbnb guest families can attest!